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The Escorial Company was founded in 1997 to protect and promote Escorial wool from an authentic source.

Escorial is attention to detail, from the naturally grown fibre selection to spinning, design, weaving, and finishing to ensure the customer receives a luxurious Escorial product.

The Escorial flocks are small in numbers; there are less Escorial sheep in the world than the rare vicuna

The Escorial Company Ltd
61 Finlays Road
Christchurch 7675

Escorial New Zealand
Keith Cowan
T: +64 3 3479064
[email protected]

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Escorial wool is from an authentic traceable source in Australia and New Zealand. Escorial is a registered global brand owned and administered by The Escorial Company Ltd New Zealand.

All Escorial wool is sourced by The Escorial Company Limited.  All images are copyright.